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Annual Report

129th Annual Report

As of March 31, 2014
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Loans $159,318,140
Mortgage-Backed Securities $2,957,894
Real Estate Owned $413,006
US Government Bonds and Other Securities $176,623,261
Cash on Hand and In Banks $1,707,253
Deposits in Banks $29,955,007
Federal Home Loan Bank Stock $2,801,577
Land, Office Building, Furniture and Equipment $5,122,580
Other Resources and Prepaid Items $1,647,804
Total Resources $380,546,522

Liabilities and Reserves
Savings and Investment Accounts
These are the savings of individuals, firms, and corporations.
Accrued Taxes and Other Liabilities $874,578
Total Liabilities $311,768,503
Unrealized Gain (Loss) on Investment Securities $(559,980)
Reserves $69,337,999
Total Liabilities and Reserves $380,546,522