How It Works

Control your card on your terms with card controls!* Control where, when and how your debit card is used right from your phone.

Login to your banking app and tap the (=) "More" button.

Select "Card Controls". Your eligible card will be listed, or you can add your card.

Click on the card you would like to control and edit the alert and preference options!

Tap. Snap. Deposit. (6)

Preferences Include:

  • Enable/disable your card^-  Instantly disable your debit card if it’s been stolen or misplaced. Once you find it, enable it again just as easily.
  • Location- Customize geographic location based on where your card can be used.
  • Merchant Options-  Select merchant categories you want to be able to use, such as travel, restaurants, gas stations, groceries, etc.
  • Transaction Options-  Select transaction types you want to be able to use, such as in-store, e-commerce, mail/phone order, auto pay, or ATM
  • Spending Limits- Looking to maintain a budget? Set a maximum limit amount.

*Card controls are only available through the ESB app- mobile and data rates may apply.

^ Disabling your card is not a replacement for reporting your card lost or stolen and will not stop reoccurring transactions that were setup.