Grow Your Savings with the Security of a Certificate of Deposit

CDs earn a fixed rate of interest for a specific period of time and Eureka offers multiple terms to choose from. Whether you choose a few months or a few years, you can start saving for events like educational expenses, a wedding, down payment on a new home, or the dream vacation you’ve always wanted. If you don’t need to access your funds right away, a CD is a simple way to save and earn interest.


If you want a secure way to save, our CDs offer:

  • Earn a higher rate of interest.
  • Interest compounds daily.
  • Use your interest your way! Receive an interest check or reinvest it.
  • Online banking access is available to check on your earnings any time!
  • A $1,000.00 minimum balance is needed to open a certificate.
  • Funds are subject to a penalty for early withdrawal. 
With a CD from Eureka Savings Bank, you can set your savings strategy and save for life’s special moments. Talk to one of our experts today.

CD & IRA Rates