Board of Directors

Michael N. Dudek - Chairman of the Board

Jeffrey W.  Simonton - Vice Chairman of the Board

Carolyn D. Alleman

Barry J. Breuning 

Camillo M. Valle 

Miguel A. Hermosillo

Todd D. Holland

John F. McCormick


Bank Officers

La Salle

John F. McCormick - President / Chief Executive Officer

James P. Lobraco Jr - Executive Vice-President / Chief Financial Officer 

Laura L. Sampson - Executive Vice-President / Chief Operations Officer

Michael S. Porter - Vice-President 

Saralyn K. Shetterly - Vice-President 

Terri J. Combs - Asst. Vice-President

Megan R. Diss - Asst. Vice-President 

Sarah A. Landeros - Asst. Vice-President 

Stacie C. Sines - Asst. Vice-President 

Jacey L. Etscheid- Asst. Vice-President and Branch Manager

Ismael Ceballos- Asst. Vice-President



Anna M. Arteaga - Vice-President and Branch Manager 



Nancy M. Hybki - Vice-President and Branch Manager 



Brenda F. Jensen - Asst. Vice-President and Branch Manager 

Lisa M. Scholle - Asst. Branch Manager



Heidi A. Ehm - Asst. Vice-President, Branch Manager