Board of Directors

Michael N. Dudek - Chairman of the Board

Jeffrey W.  Simonton - Vice Chairman of the Board

Carolyn D. Alleman

Barry J. Breuning 

Camillo M. Valle 

Miguel A. Hermosillo

Todd D. Holland

John F. McCormick 

Mark A. Van De Wyngaerde


Bank Officers

La Salle

John F. McCormick - President / Chief Executive Officer

James P. Lobraco Jr - Executive Vice-President / Chief Financial Officer 

Laura L. Sampson - Executive Vice-President / Chief Operations Officer

Michael S. Porter - Vice-President 

Saralyn K. Shetterly - Vice-President 

Terri J. Combs - Asst. Vice-President

Megan R. Diss - Asst. Vice-President 

Sarah A. Landeros - Asst. Vice-President 

Stacie C. Sines - Asst. Vice-President 



Anna M. Arteaga - Vice-President and Branch Manager 



Nancy M. Hybki - Vice-President and Branch Manager 



Brenda F. Jensen - Asst. Vice-President and Branch Manager 

Lisa M. Scholle - Asst. Branch Manager



Heidi A. Ehm - Asst. Vice-President, Branch Manager