How It Works

With our mobile banking app, you can easily make deposits from your smartphone!

Step 1.

Login to your banking app and tap the (+) button and choose “Deposit”.

Step 2.

Take a picture of your check, front & back. Don’t forget to sign the back!

Step 3.

Pick the account you want to deposit into and you’re all set.

Tap. Snap. Deposit.


  • How do I sign up for Mobile Deposit?* All you need is the Eureka Savings Bank mobile app! Enrollment is automatic after accepting the Terms & Conditions within the app.
  • How soon will my funds be available? You will receive an email within minutes confirming the deposit was received. You will then receive a second email after it is approved. From that time, funds are typically available by noon the next business day.
  • Will I be contacted if my deposit isn’t accepted? If your deposit doesn’t meet our requirements, you will receive a call from a team member about the error and help correct it. You will also receive an email with error information and next steps, if necessary.
  • Is there a limit on how much I can submit? Yes. Transaction Limit: $3,000, Daily Limit: $3,000, and a Rolling 20- Business Day Limit: $6,000
  • How should I endorse my check? In addition to signing the back of your check, be sure that your check also includes endorsements noting that: 1. the deposit is a mobile deposit AND 2. that it is to be deposited at Eureka Savings Bank. Example: “For Eureka Savings Bank Mobile Deposit Only”


*Mobile deposit is only available through the ESB app. Some accounts are not eligible for mobile deposit- message and data rates may apply.