Life happens! Eureka understands that overdrafts occur from time to time - our diverse overdraft protection options can help.

Overdraft Maintain Minimum

  • Reduces the risk of returned items due to non-sufficient funds by automatically maintaining a minimum balance on your account.
  • Automatically transfers funds from one ESB account to a second ESB account when the second account falls below your pre-determined minimum balance.
  • No sign-up fee or service fees!

Overdraft Transfers

  • Supports prevention of returned items due to non-sufficient funds by automatically funding your ESB payment account with a transfer from a second ESB account owned by you.
  • No sign-up fee
  • $5 fee with each transfer
  • Assists in avoiding costly NSF fees (subject to funds availability for the transfer)

Overdraft Line of Credit

  • Protects incoming items from being returned when non-sufficient funds are available to clear the item.
  • Funds are drawn from a pre-determined “Line of Credit” in increments of $100 and deposited into the account to allow incoming items to clear.
  • The Overdraft Protection Line of Credit is a loan product that is subject to credit approval. Finance charges apply on any unpaid principal balance and a $3 fee applies with each transfer. The available Line of Credit amount must be sufficient to cover the inclearing item for the transfer to take place.

Dynamic Overdraft Protection Line of Credit is available for consumer accounts only.


To enroll or learn more contact a Universal Banker at 815-223-0700.