Who Can Join?

Any child under the age of 12 can open up a Eureka Money Miners Savings Account.*

How Do I Join?

Just stop in any of our branches and open a Money Miners Savings Account.

Why Should I Join?

Joining the Money Miners Club is fun. You will receive fun prizes as you add to your account and watch your savings grow! You will also be invited to all our Money Miners events during the year.

  • Kids will receive a prize for deposits.
  • Kids can take part in special events throughout the year.
  • Interest is compounded daily and paid quarterly.
  • The maximum age for enrollment is 12-years old.
  • A minimum balance of $5.00 is needed to open an account.

* All customers must be residents of our local community. Contact a new accounts representative for additional information.

Online Games

Kid’s Club Scramble Puzzle

The goal of this game is to reorganize the pieces so that they form a picture. To do this begin by hitting the "new game" button which scrambles the pieces. Next begin clicking on the one of the boxes next to the open space to move the piece into the open space. Keep rearranging the pieces until you have recreated the picture.

Kid’s Club Matching Game

The goal of this game is to find matches for all of the hidden items. To play this game you will first hit the "new game" button to hide all of the pieces. Next you will click anyone of the squares to reveal a picture, remembering what that first picture was. Now you will select another square, hoping to find the match to piece you saw last. Keep making matches until you have found all of the matches in the puzzle.

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