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Important Notice

24 Hour Bank Service to End on May 15, 2018.



Last year we introduced our new Mobile Banking Services. These services provide the same convenient services as our 24 Hour Phone Bank Service and much, much more.  Since we have implemented the Mobile Banking service we have seen a steady decline in our Phone Bank Service and have decided to discontinue this service on May 15, 2018. 


You can access your accounts through a desktop or laptop computer using our website  Convenient access to your accounts is also available using your iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, or Tablet via:


  • Mobile App – Eureka offers a special “app”, allowing you to log into your accounts and conduct business.
  • Mobile Web Browser – This allows you to login to your account through the internet using your phone’s browser and internet connection.
  • SMS/Text – You can set up text alerts or text Eureka Savings Bank for information about your accounts.


For more information, please talk with one of our new accounts representatives.