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Telephone Banking

Eureka's 24-Hour Bank Line is easy to use. Just use your phone to find balances, transfer funds*, see if a check has cleared, and much more. Simply call one of the two access numbers and you're on your way.

  • Use telephone banking to check account balances.
  • Use telephone banking to transfer funds*

Just Dial: (815) 223-1600 or (800) 660-1719

Telephone Banking Instructions

The system will prompt you to press buttons on you phone to select the information you need. To get access to account information, you will need to enter your account number and access code.

You will need your nine digit account number. Your account number can be found:
  • At the bottom of your checks (2nd group of numbers).
  • On your savings account statement.
  • On Certificate document.
  • On loan coupon book.
* To transfer funds you must stop in your local Eureka Savings Bank branch office and sign an authorization card.